Laid Back Business Builders

Legendary Referral Group in Central Florida

In Person Meetings

We’ve gone back to in person meetings completely now. We had Zoom open for a while but for four weeks in a row, nobody joined us.

We think the safety concerns have passed. It’s time to stop being scared.

Come join us on any Friday at 8am Eastern:

Coffee Factory and Cafe
12789 Waterford Lakes Parkway
Orlando, FL 32828

Biz Coffee on Thursdays

Coffee and business talk go together like, well, coffee and business.

Every Thursday, at 9:30am, the Grand Poobah is inviting you to join him in his home for business talk and a cup of coffee (or 3 or 4).

You can attend in person, or virtually using ZOOM.

You may use the contact form below to get information on the address, or the ZOOM info.

Topics are as follows:
1st Thursday: Sales Behaviors
2nd Thursday: Attitude
3rd Thursday: Sales Techniques
4th Thursday: Problem Solving
5th Thursday: Rare, so we will come up with something special.

Moving to IHOP

We’re moving!

Effective July 19, 2019, we are meeting at IHOP on Alafaya Trail. It’s near the corner of Alafaya and Curry Ford Road.

The physical address is 588 S. Alafaya Trail, Alafaya, FL 32828

The time schedule remains the same – 8-830 am pre networking, 830-930 group meeting.

30 Second Commercial

The March 23rd meeting will feature a short presentation and workshop on how to make a better 30 second commercial. Several of our members and attendees have requested this session from the Grand Poobah, John Tenney.

“I’ve been networking for a few years now, and I’ve heard some great elevator speeches. I’ve also heard some that would make you cringe.” Tenney tells us. “Throughout years of networking, and a little help from the instructors at Sandler Training, this seems to be the way to make a good start. It won’t be your final elevator speech because you will always be tweaking it and trying new things.”

“It’s important to remember that as leads groups go around the room there are two things running through everyone’s thoughts. Yes they are listening to you but mostly they are rehearsing their speech in their mind, getting ready for their turn. That’s why you need to have something that catches their ear. It also indicates how important it is to attend regularly. You won’t learn everybody’s niche in one meeting, and conversely, they won’t learn yours.”

Please join us at Toojay’s Waterford, 8:30am on Friday March 23rd. There is no entry fee but it is expected that you will order something (at least coffee) to support our hosts.

We are a member of the ABC Networking group.

You can also find us on

2017 Christmas Breakfast

This Friday (Dec 22, 2017) we will meet. Yes let’s meet and celebrate Christmas together.

Also, let’s life our coffee cups high and remember those who have “gone west”, like LBLG Orignal, Bill Chychota, pictured above.

We’re part of the ABC Networking Group on Meetup. Please join us there as well. Reactivated

Due to recent changes (and improvements) in, we have decided to reactivate our weekly Meetup account.

You can find it here. Please join our group and add your email address to receive weekly notices.

Hopefully we attract more business owners and C level executives from the B2B world, which is our target group.

We’re Back!

Bue to popular demand, Laid Back has resumed! We are back at Toojay’s on Friday mornings. Doors open at 8am, cowbell rings at 8:15.

As usual, the best place to stay current with updates is in our Facebook Group.

We promise to try and keep this website up to date as well.

Please join us Friday mornings.

Professionals of East Orlando

Stoneybrook-lunchThis very popular leads group is on hiatus while several of us are working on projects with the Rotary Club of Orlando East.

The Rotary meets at Holiday Inn on Alafaya Trail and Colonial, every Thursday at 12:15. Please feel free to join us

Back in Action

Docktails-interiorWe are back!

We are meeting at Stoneybrook East every second Wednesday. 11:30 pre meeting and we promise to have you out of there by 1pm.

Your hosts are John Tenney, Deb Siebern, Andy Carlin and Tim Holcomb.

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your network and grow your business in Central Florida.