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2017 Christmas Breakfast

This Friday (Dec 22, 2017) we will meet. Yes let’s meet and celebrate Christmas together.

Also, let’s life our coffee cups high and remember those who have “gone west”, like LBLG Orignal, Bill Chychota, pictured above.

We’re part of the ABC Networking Group on Meetup. Please join us there as well. Reactivated

Due to recent changes (and improvements) in, we have decided to reactivate our weekly Meetup account.

You can find it here. Please join our group and add your email address to receive weekly notices.

Hopefully we attract more business owners and C level executives from the B2B world, which is our target group.

We’re Back!

Bue to popular demand, Laid Back has resumed! We are back at Toojay’s on Friday mornings. Doors open at 8am, cowbell rings at 8:15.

As usual, the best place to stay current with updates is in our Facebook Group.

We promise to try and keep this website up to date as well.

Please join us Friday mornings.