The Laid Back Business Builders leads group is Back! Once again we meet at IHOP Waterford (588 S Alafaya Trail) on Friday mornings, at 8am. Join the Facebook group for more information.

There are no membership requirements or qualifications to attend, although “the board” reserves the right to educate anyone who doesn’t understand networking:

We are not here to sell to each other. We are here to learn about each other’s businesses and help each other reach out to the community. Consider the other networkers as your salespeople, not your potential clients.

Things to bring:
1) Open mind
2) Business and Networking ideas and events of note
3) Announcements relevant to your business, our community, or of general interest.

Things NOT to bring:
1) Marketing brochures to hand out or place on everyone’s place mat – save these for after the meeting
2) Products to sell. We don’t sell to each other, we sell for each other
3) “Agendas” – please, this is not a forum to promote a personal agenda. If you need to ask, get with one of the moderators beforehand

If you would like to make a suggestion for our meetings please go to our Facebook group.