30 Second Commercial

The March 23rd meeting will feature a short presentation and workshop on how to make a better 30 second commercial. Several of our members and attendees have requested this session from the Grand Poobah, John Tenney.

“I’ve been networking for a few years now, and I’ve heard some great elevator speeches. I’ve also heard some that would make you cringe.” Tenney tells us. “Throughout years of networking, and a little help from the instructors at Sandler Training, this seems to be the way to make a good start. It won’t be your final elevator speech because you will always be tweaking it and trying new things.”

“It’s important to remember that as leads groups go around the room there are two things running through everyone’s thoughts. Yes they are listening to you but mostly they are rehearsing their speech in their mind, getting ready for their turn. That’s why you need to have something that catches their ear. It also indicates how important it is to attend regularly. You won’t learn everybody’s niche in one meeting, and conversely, they won’t learn yours.”

Please join us at Toojay’s Waterford, 8:30am on Friday March 23rd. There is no entry fee but it is expected that you will order something (at least coffee) to support our hosts.

We are a member of the ABC Networking group.

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